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Vision : Strengthen our infrastructure to enable our alumni to connect and lead

Based on discussions with other alumni, we are driving a simple but comprehensive agenda. Its basis is the clarification of what does IIT RAANA, the national body, mean in relation to the institution (IIT R), its alumni, the local chapters and PAN-IIT.

The vision of our association focuses on the following initiatives:
  1. Setup open and frequent communication forums among chapters for alumni activities
  2. Make networking easy among IIT RAANA alumni in good and tough times
  3. Publish a directory of regional, national and international events to increase inter-chapter participation
  4. Giving back to alma matter and fueling future
  5. Improve visibility of Leadership opportunities such as PAN IIT Leadership Circle (PLC) that have inadequate representation of IIT Roorkee, for our alumni so that they can participate, if they choose so.
  6. Formation of IIT RAANA Board of Directors (from across professions, tenure, seniority, geographies) while leveraging the strength of autonomous local chapters. Welcome and provide for easy transition of alumni arriving in North America either for higher studies or professional ventures.