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Deepak Goyal

In his own words

"I am a technology enthusiast with a MS in Computer Science and Technology from IIT Roorkee
, 2001 . I have served IIT Alumni chapter of Houston TX for around 2 year as board member with taking the responsibility of web and social media reach. Having several year of engineering experience with Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Bank of America, Chase at various worldwide locations I am well connected with the industry leaders.

Making the difference in peoples’ life is my passion and I had privilege to make the difference in multiple peoples’ life by educating them as well as providing them employment. Before founding Tulsana consultancy and eZdia Inc I founded Wings Technologies in Bangalore, India and led the company as CEO.
I have presented several papers at International conferences and premier education institutes across United States, China and India
(including various IIT and other institutes). I am an inventor for four pending patents."

Past activities with IIT Roorkee
Board member of IITAGH (responsible for web and social media out reach ) also IITR campus representative in IITAGH board.

What will bring most value to the alumni?
Building the eco-system where IITR alumni not only engage in community but also communicate and collaborate for new opportunity on personal and professional front. Another goal is to integrate new member more effectively in the community.