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Sangya Singh Varma

In her own words
"I am an inventor, innovator and educator. I am a proud alumnus of Roorkee University, 1989 M.Sc. Chemistry. I have visited Roorkee several times. The most enjoyable visit was with my three children who walked the grounds of Roorkee, saw my room in Sarojini Bhawan where I was once the CBC, and most memorably saw my name in the Main Building. I excelled at Roorkee academically (Gold and Silver medals), athletically (Best Athlete, new records) and socially (Thomso, life-long friends). Roorkee paved the path for my successful completion of PhD in the USA (honor societies) and patent awards (industry). Not only was I responsible for notable scientific successes but also for converting them from concept to market. Currently, I am the Associate director for Academic Affairs and Curricula Development at Rutgers Professional Science Masters Program that offers Masters of Business and Science (MBS) degree. I volunteer in the townships Commission on Women activities, and as a basketball coach."

Past activities with IIT Roorkee
A life member of IITR Alumni Association, she was VP of the Greater NY/NJ Chapter. In 2006 she was part of the core team that organized the North American Alumni Meet in Las Vegas, which was attended by Dr. Saxena and 110 alums. The segment on ‘Down Memory Lane’ was both nostalgic and informative. She was one of the presenters.

What will bring most value to the alumni?
Create an infrastructure that is all-inclusive that is not only sustainable in the future but also one that thrives by utilizing the myriad resources that alums provide.

Along with the help of the executive board, a steering committee and an advisory board should be formed. The steering committee would be responsible for the constitution, its definition and by-laws, chapter definitions with the possibility of combining regional chapters if membership is below a certain number (TBD), develop a project check list and provide reports/newsletters periodically. These would be available to all members. The advisory board members would be stalwarts and veterans who would provide a continuum through the passing of torches for future executive boards. Regional meetings and an annual meet would be on the agenda.

Being involved in the creation of a truly Global Professional Science Masters Program, she would like to facilitate the contribution of alums in North America towards the Foreign Educational Institutions Bill of India to be able to provide a means for higher education for the 150 million children who make up the ‘demographic dividend’.

Work closely with the Pan-IIT leadership.

The motto would be ‘All-inclusive and Transparent!’