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Anoop Verma

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Anoop Verma

Short Bio

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Personally, I bring the organization, technology, interpersonal and cultural strengths to the task at hand. As the current President of the IIT Roorkee Alumni Association Midwest Chapter and a charter member of the PAN IIT Leadership Circle, I have gained valuable insights into our alumni needs, and the challenges faced by the regional Chapters.

For many years, I have been involved in initiatives for new members, professional programs and PAN-IIT. Being a member of the organizing committee for PANIIT 2009 has given me the additional experience for hosting our national IIT RAANA. I am also proud of my student body positions (Secretaty - Cultural Society and Secretary – Hobbies Club) and many awards at Roorkee.

Professionally, I am working as a Director at CNA Financial, a Fortune 100 firm, doing Strategic Program Management and Strategy & Planning (IT).

Academically, I did my BE (Roorkee - Electrical), followed by MSE (Wayne State University) and MBA (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University).

I live in Naperville, IL with my wife, two children and my father. My brother, who is also a Thomasonian, lives nearby to make our Family Chapter of IIT RAANA, on the lighter side.

Past activities with IIT Roorkee

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·       Chapter President, IIT Roorkee Midwest (Chicago) - initiated the professional networking events that evolved into a very popular monthly professional networking series attended by all IIT Midwest and other professionals

·       Organizer, PAN IIT 2009 that was chaired by IIT Roorkee alum and attracted over 3,000 attendees. It had keynote address by President Clinton and other distinguished speakers such as Jim Owens, Nathan Myhrvold, Aneesh Chopra, Carl Schramm, Tulsi Tanti and Sam Pitroda

·       Charter Member, PAN IIT Leadership Circle

·       Led a number of alumni activities for both PAN IIT and IIT Roorkee

·       Acted as member of a number of groups / committees such as PAN IIT Branding, Alumni Relationship

What would you like to do in your 2 year tenure?

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Based on my discussions with other alumni, I am driving a very simple but comprehensive agenda. Its basis is the clarification of what does IIT RAANA, the national body, mean in relation to the institution (IIT R), its alumni, the local chapters and PAN-IIT. I have also been involved in discussions with a Dean of US University Alumni Affairs, Director (IIT R) and PAN-IIT, which is driving this definition at a global level. I think that we can leverage some of that work to further this foundation.

As the next President of IIT RAANA, I plan to focus on the following key initiatives:

1.     Setup open and frequent communication forums among chapters for alumni activities

2.     Make networking easy among IIT RAANA alumni in good and tough times

3.    Publish a directory of regional, national and international events to increase inter-chapter participation

4.    Giving back to alma matter and fueling future

5.    Improve visibility of Leadership opportunities such as PAN IIT Leadership Circle (PLC) that have inadequate representation of IIT Roorkee, for our alumni so that they can participate, if they choose so.

6.    Formation of IIT RAANA Board of Directors (from across professions, tenure, seniority, geographies) while leveraging the strength of autonomous local chapters.