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First Global Musinar Aug 15th 2020

posted Aug 10, 2020, 10:44 PM by IITRAANA Admin   [ updated Sep 6, 2020, 10:05 PM ]

NEW: Click here to watch the video of the fantastic performances in the event.

IIT Roorkee First Global Music Event Aut 15 2020

First Global Musinar (Virtual Music Event) was held under the aegis of Prof Harpreet Singh by IIT-RAANA. It was a music filled program honored by Director Ajit Chaturvedi, Mrs. Chaturvedi, Prof Prem Krishna, Mrs Lata Krishna, esteemed alumni and friends performing in a virtual setting. As always with our events, the event attracted alumni with over 50 years of graduation dates. Prof. Singh rejuvenated the audiences with his memories of Roorkee,

 Roorkee mein beeta hua saara zamana yaad hai
Hasna gaana yaad hai - gaana bajana yaad hai
 रुड़की में बीता हुआ सारा जमाना याद है
हॅंसना गाना याद है - गाना बाजना याद है

Director Ajit Chaturvedi wished everyone a happy Independence Day and shared pictures of the celebration at Roorkee maintaining the safeguards needed for COVID-19.

It was exciting to to have esteemed Director Ajit Chaturvedi, Mrs Chaturvedi, Professor Prem Krishna, Mrs Lata Krishna and alumnus leading Artificial Intelligence participate in the musinar.

Prof Harpreet Singh, Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi, Mrs Charu Chaturvedi, Mrs Lata Krishna (and Prof. Prem Krishna), Mr. Arun Srivastava, Mrs. Mridula Chakraborty, Mrs. Revati Natesan, Mr. Atul Varshneya, Mr. Harjinder Sekhon, Mrs. Manju Aggarwal, Mr. Vijay Sharma, Mrs. Anita Sharma, Mrs. Davinder Kaur(guest)
Kulgeet - All

Director Ajit Chaturvedi and Mrs Charu Chaturvedi
 Mrs. Charu Chaturvedi

Mrs Charu Chaturvedi, wife of Director Ajit Chaturvedi is the first lady of IIT Roorkee. Her interest of music and participation in the event with the patriotic song highlighted the event on Aug 15th, India's Independence Day.
A photograph of 1990, showing Mrs. Lata Krishna, Prof. Prem Krishna and parents, Dr. & Mrs. Jai Krishna (ex-VC Roorkee and Thomasonian)
Courtesy: Prof Prem Krishna
 Mrs. Lata Krishna

Mrs. Lata Krishna was closely associated with the University of Roorkee/IIT Roorkee, besides generally with the life in the town and often in the BEG &C, through her social activity, teaching in the schools, and, more so through participation in musical and cultural programmes, for almost 50 years from 1965 to 2016.  She is the wife of Prof. Prem Krishna and daughter-in-law of Prof. Jai Krishna, whose iconic association with Thomason College/ University of Roorkee spanned 60 years from 1939-1999.

Abha Singh with KP Singh BE Roorkee Mechanical 1962
Courtesy: Prof Harpreet Singh
 Mrs Abha Singh

After graduating from Roorkee in 61, my husband Karan Pal Singh spent couple of yrs in Bombay at Atomic Energy. After which he came to US. A degree in hand from North Carolina, he joined Ford Motor Co. in Michigan. Retired 36 yrs later, now enjoys golf and globe trotting. We married 67 dec. and there has not been a dull moment since!!

Abha Singh
MR. Arun K. Srivastava
Lecturer in Maths, Univ of Roorkee (1976-79).

Moved to BHU, Varanasi, thereafter, retiring in 2016, having served there also as Professor/Head (Maths Deptt) and Dean/Director (Institute of Science).

Wife: MRS. REKHA SRIVASTAVA, presently, Professor of Maths, IIT (BHU), Varanasi
   Mrs Mridula Chakraborty 
  • Over 30 years of professional experience as a chartered engineer and business consultant, involved in a wide variety of project management roles including collaborative R&D and Innovation programmes for UK Government and Industry.
  • On behalf of Innovate UK, I have worked on 88 projects as a Monitoring Officer(MO) in the following areas:
Digital Construction, Creative Industries, Smart Competitions, Open Competition, Power Electronics, Information Security, Electronics & Photonics, Sensor and Imaging, Infrastructure Rounds, High Value Manufacturing, Metadata Systems
  • Technical Assessments in the areas-Smart Competitions, Open Competitions round1,2 and 3, CAV Test Bed Competition CAV Feasibility Call. Also, I have worked as a technical assessor to the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Welsh Assembly Government and all RDAs in England.
  • (now BEIS).
  • BSc (Hons) Physics 
  • BEng, Electrical, Electronics & Communications Engineering
  • MSc, Power Systems Engineering
  • PhD, Robotics, Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • CEng, MIET, M I Measurement & control
  • Information & IT Security Lead Auditor (ISO/IEC 27001)
More information
Mrs. Revati Natesan

Mrs Revati Natesan, BE (E&C)

Performing for Pt Lal Bahadur Shastri at Roorkee (seen on the left with white cap)
Mr Atul Varshneya

Mr Atul Varshneya, BE ‘83 (E&C)

Leading Artificial Intelligence Expert, residing in California
 Mr. Harjinder Sekhon
Mrs. Manju Aggarwal

Mrs Manju Jain Aggarwal, B.Arch. Class of 1974, residing in USA since 1977

With spouse Mr Vinay (IIT Delhi) and daughter Divya
 Mr. Vijay Sharma

Mr Vijay Sharma and Mrs Anita Sharma
   Mrs. Anita Sharma

Mr Vijay Sharma and Mrs Anita Sharma
 Mrs. Davinder Kaur(guest)
Prof Harpreet Singh's family with his only son and grandson
 ... last but not the least
Prof Harpreet Singh
   ... and the volunteers

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