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PanIIT USA Global Conference Dec 4-5 2020: Future Is Now

posted Nov 29, 2020, 11:17 PM by IITRAANA Admin

IIT2020: Future Is Now,  Global Summit.

DATE: December 4th - 5th, 2020.




We are bringing together some of the world’s preeminent experts across technology, economy, education, and food. In fact, hear from experts in OUT OF THIS WORLD tech also – yes, we have NASA speaking as well! Our speakers include Dr. Vivek Murthy (former U.S. Surgeon General), Rohini Srivathsa (CTO, Microsoft India), Prith Banerjee (CTO, ANSYS), Pradeep Khosla (Chancellor, UC San Diego), Manoj Kumar (CTO, Ripple Foods) and many more!

We are at the threshold of a new normal, a new world. Which direction do we move towards going further and how can we help define and mold that direction to create a better future for humanity? How do we create sustainable solutions for over 10 billion global citizens? Start your quest – and hopefully, find some answers – at IIT 2020. 

With built-in networking opportunities, we hope you get the chance to meet your friends – and even more so – make new enduring connections, both personal and professional. We are expecting over 50,000 engineers and futurists to attend the event – will you be one of them?


Get more details and register here: https://www.iit2020.org/