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IITR Heritage Foundation announces 6th Business Plan Competition

posted Apr 27, 2013, 5:59 AM by IITRAANA Admin   [ updated Apr 27, 2013, 6:00 AM ]
Open to all current students and all alumni, who graduated in or after 2008, the 6th edition of IIT-R Heritage Foundation Business Plan Competition has been announced by IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation. [Details and entry: http://www.iitr-heritagefund.org/entrepreneur-mentoring]

Following is the IIT-R Heritage Foundation's announcement with details of the program, participation and dates.

Dear IIT-R Students, & Alumni

If you are a IIT Roorkee students or a recent alumni and you are in the process of starting a ventures or already have one in early growth stages you could win cash prize as well as recognition for your start-up. All selected teams receive feedback, coaching, advice and guidance to refine their ideas and business plan to successfully launch their ventures and above all opportunity to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, All entries are eligible for cash prizes and recognition.

To indicate your intention to participate in the competition Here is a brief overview. The scope and eligibility criteria have been clarified and made crisper based on our experience running the competition for the past few years and feedback from several of you. The awards have been restructured too...

Here is a brief overview.
1. Goals
a. Encourage and nurture entrepreneurship among IIT Roorkee students and recent alumni.
b. Recognize and reward innovative ideas and business plans.
2. Scope
a. Both for-profit and non-profit business ideas and plans will be considered.
b. Evaluation focus will be on innovation, value proposition, and viability, and social innovation and impact for non-profits.
c. Life Sciences, Energy/Green/Clean-technology, IT/Software/Online/Internet, Consumer Product/Service/Retail and Non-Profit
3. Awards
a. Best Overall Business Plan ($1500 or INR 75000)
b. Most Innovative Idea ($500 or INR 25000)
c. Judges’ Choice Award ($500 or INR 25000)
d. Honorable Mention ($100 and Up to 3 awards)
4. Eligibility Criteria for Participants
a. Students currently enrolled at IIT Roorkee.
b. Recent alumni, who completed a degree from IITR in 2008 or later.
c. Online registration is required prior to submission

For more information on the goals, eligibility, process and opportunity it offers please review IITRHF Business Plan Competition 2013 and visit IITRHF Website.

The schedule for this year’s competition is as follows:
  • May 15 Online Sign-up Open for intent to participate
  • May 25 Deadline for submission of Executive Summary
  • June 15 Feedback provided and Coach/Mentor assigned
  • July 30 Deadline for submission of Final Business Plan
  • Aug 20 Final presentations, evaluation and awards announcement
The team or business leader must sign up online at BPC2013 Registration to indicate their intent to participate and provide important contact information. After registration you will be able to submit an Executive Summary and Business Plan later.
Please feel free to contact BPC Info for any questions about this competition.

Prady Misra

IITRHF Entrepreneurship Mentoring

IITRHF is a 501c organization and all US donations are tax deductible as permitted by law. All IITRHF programs are run by volunteers with no financial overhead. Your support in time and or donations is always welcome.

- Announcement from Mr Prady Misra, IITRHF, Entrepreneurship Mentoring