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IIT Roorkee's Task Force

posted Dec 13, 2013, 1:09 PM by IITRAANA Admin   [ updated Dec 13, 2013, 1:11 PM ]
Prof Banerji, Director IIT Roorkee, has initiated a multipronged effort make IIT Roorkee  top-200 ranked institutions in the world by 2017 and one of the top-100 by 2022.

During the alumni meet at the PAN IIT Global Conference in Houston, Prof S C Sharma, Dean of Alumni Affairs gave an update.

Following is the full text of the initial release on the task force:

24th November 2012 
Multi-pronged effort to make IIT-R one of the top-200 ranked institutions in the world by 2017 and one of the top-100 by 2022: A task-force based approach 

The suggested areas of intervention: 
  1. Improving IIT-R interface with industry and with other leading global academic centres of excellence: 
    1. Improving faculty’s interface with industry in India and outside India 
    2. Improving students’ interface with industry (prospective employers) in India and outside India, and improving the quality of their placement 
  2. Improving students’ overall personality (confidence, leadership skills, communication skills, inter-personal skills, etc.) 
  3. Faculty skill-set upgradation, faculty addition, and faculty performance evaluation 
  4. Institutionalizing of IIT-R heritage (traditions, systems etc. – retaining some that have to be retained, discarding others that our obsolete) 
  5. Benchmarking of processes for academics, student data, administration, and purchases, recommendation and implementation of best practices as suitable and feasible for IITR 
  6. Creating a dynamic (and information rich) data base of all IIT-R alumni, and utilizing the power of this network for intra-alumni and for IIT-R benefit 
  7. Master planning of the entire campus and then also landscaping and experiential improvement of the Roorkee campus (and other campuses too) 
  8. Establishment of select global “centres of excellence” at IIT-R 
  9. Making NOIDA campus a success 
  10. Managing IIT-R brand, improvement of IIT-R’s image in India and abroad so that IIT-R attracts the best faculty, the top-ranked JEE qualifiers, and the most attractive consulting opportunities for IITR  
  11. Revenue enhancement for IIT-R: 
    1. Through non-fee / non-consulting / non- government grants and other such traditional sources (i.e. through merchandising, food & beverages sale on the campus, retail, advertising, etc.) 
    2. And then creation of a corpus of Rs 100 Crores by 2015, Rs 1000 Crores by 2020, and Rs 5,000 Crores by 2025 for IIT-R through national and international fundraising 
  12. CSR activities through IIT-R efforts (faculty, families, students, alumni, others) and institutionalization of current IITR social initiatives including Asmita and Anushruti. 
The approach: 
  1. Task forces to be setup for each of the 12 areas, each one to be headed by an eminent, qualified, and committed alumnus who is willing to lead and deliver results. 
  2. The leader should ideally be based out of Delhi to be able to travel frequently to IITR, network with other task force heads, and draw upon other alumni who are based in the NCR region so that frequent interaction can happen.
  3. Each of the leaders to induct 4-5 other members, and then the Director to also nominate one or two persons each from IIT-R for each of these task forces. 
  4. To start with, the Chairman (BOG) and the Director to invite each of the task force heads and their teams for a meeting at Delhi wherein the overall vision and objectives behind this exercise is shared with all, and the expectations from each of these task forces clearly laid out.
  5. Each task force to directly report to the Director, and present their findings, recommendations, and progress to the Director on at least once in 2 months (i.e. at least 6 updates per year)
  6. At the end of one full year, outcomes measured for each of the task forces against initial objectives.
  7. Provision to be made for reimbursement of travel related expenses incurred by the task force members as per the needs of their specific objectives, and for meetings at Roorkee / Delhi / elsewhere.
Some names of leaders: 
  1. Improving IIT-R interface : Subodh Bhargava (Ex CMD VSNL) 
  2. Improvement of personality : Air Marshal Pramod Athawale
  3. Faculty skills set upgradation : Prof. M.P.Singh (Virginia Tech)
  4. IIT-R heritage preservation : Ravi Sharma
  5. Best practices in various processes : Sanjay Goel
  6. Alumni data base & alumni connect : Shantanu Agarwal
  7. Master planning of the campus : V.P. Agarwal
  8. Global centres of excellence : Arvind Singhal
  9. NOIDA campus utilization : Pradip Kapse 
  10. Polishing of IIT-R brand : Ravi Sharma
  11. Revenue enhancement & corpus : B. K. Chaturvedi
  12. Social initiatives : Cdr. Retd. Sujeet Samaddar 
Names of Faculty Members: 
  1. Improving IIT-R interface : Dr. Kaushik Ghosh, Chemistry 
  2. Improvement of personality : Dr. Inderdeep Singh, Mechanical
  3. Faculty skills set upgradation : Dr. Ganesh Kumbhar, Electrical
  4. IIT-R heritage preservation : Dr. Gaurav Raheja, Architecture
  5. Best practices in various processes : Dr. Kamal, Earth Sciences
  6. Alumni data base & alumni connect : Dr. Anand Belusu, Electronics
  7. Master planning of the campus : Dr. Ram Prakash, Chemical
  8. Global centres of excellence : Dr. Naveen K. Navani, Biotech
  9. NOIDA campus utilization : Dr. S.P. Harsha, Mechanical
  10. Polishing of IIT-R brand : Dr. Vivek Pancholi, Meta
  11. Revenue enhancement & corpus : Dr. Rajdeep Chatterjee, Physics
  12. Social initiatives : Dr Sandip Banerjee, Maths