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Pratish Kanani (B.E.'87 Mech) Shines At PAN IIT 2013 Conference Houston

posted Dec 13, 2013, 9:44 PM by IITRAANA Admin   [ updated Dec 17, 2013, 6:17 PM ]
The organizing team of the just concluded Global PAN IIT 2013 conference at Houston has been praised by everyone who attended the conference.

Pratish Kanani (B.E. '87 Mech), as one of the conference chairsalong with Witty Bindra (IIT Delhi) as the other chair, shone with their excellent planning and execution. It began with Roopa Gir (M.Tech '74) putting together the bid for the conference and then winning it. Pratish along with the other team members were entrusted with the massive task of putting the conference together. For over a year this team showed untiring pursuit of excellence, the result of which showed in each aspect of the conference.
IIT 2013 Global Conference was a mammoth undertaking and the team pulled off a world-class event.

An ExxonMobil executive commented "...the organization and execution of this conference was the best I have ever experienced. Thank you for your hard work, attention to detail, and patience in accommodating our needs."
Conference by the numbers: 
  • We had over 1600 attendees. Initial feedback from many of them, including speakers, suggest that the Houston conference set new standards to meet and beat on all fronts, especially content, quality, schedule, execution and food. 
  • We had 90+ speakers who shared their wisdom over 24+ hours. This is the first "Indian event" I have been to where a majority of attendees preferred to be in sessions rather than socializing outside. Clearly, content overcame networking urges. There was enough time in the program to network. 
  • This 70-hour (elapsed time) conference was brought together and executed by an all-volunteer organization. During the conference, there were about 85 adults and 120 Fort Bend High School children managing the proceedings, with our partners. 
  • We had 100 sponsors who supported the conference. 
The accolades will continue to gush in and let us take a moment to tip our hat to Pratish as one of the key leads for this massive undertaking. As

 he said for the accolades that he is "too exhausted to be moved by them; kinda like how many of us felt after a Thomso phestival".

"I am really proud to know Pratish from my days of Roorkee. I have heard nothing but praise from all who attended the conference. The sessions were insightful and the presenters were well prepared . The result was an excellent experience. Congratulations on both a successful and a memorable conference. You have set a new standard for conference to come. Hats Off to you!!"
Anoop Verma (BE '87 EE), President IIT Roorkee Alumni Association of North America and PAN IIT Global Board member

More details to come for the talks/discussions will available for all to share. It’s more than 24 hours of great material. Hopefully, some part will make a difference to someone, somewhere.

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