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IITR Reunion Thank You, Global Directory Initiative & Director's message (Sep 11, 2012)

posted May 8, 2013, 9:10 AM by IITRAANA Admin
Special Newsletter - North America Reunion 2012

Prof Banerji's letter dated Sept 7th outlines the mission

Chicago_visitIn his letter to all alumni, Director IIT Roorkee, Prof Pradipta Banerji, laid out the mission and offered his apologies for his inability to attend the Reunion in Chicago. In this letter, he shared his thoughts that he planned to discuss during this event. He also solicited feedback on his thoughts.

He used this occasion to communicate to alumni his mission to increase the multi-disciplinary research being done at IIT Roorkee, and to bring in a culture of innovation at all levels of students.

He invited all alumni to participate in the institute’s growth by interacting with their alma mater in all matters including governance structure, administrative and academic processes, bringing industries to fund research and innovation at IIT Roorkee, providing funds to attract new faculty, students and for faculty and students to attend conferences, and providing funds for new infrastructure.

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From Reunion Organizing Committee

Dear Fellow Thomasonians

Thanks to your active participation, this sold out event was a wonderful success.

How about the keynote speeches by our own Amit Singhal, Prof Vipin Kumar and Hersh Kumar? The insightful panels on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership!!

... And how about our 2012 graduates, Ashmeet Singh Sidhu and Aditya Singh, who joined us and talked about the Race Car Project !!

... And the stimulating debate on IIT Roorkee, Alumni Association and PAN IIT with Dean S P Gupta, Roopa Gir, Ram Kelkar (IITBHF), and Arjun Sen (PAN IIT) !!

See Reunion Update
Photos Join Facebook group for IIT Roorkee Alumni Association of North America to see the photos
Videos Coming soon

None of this would have been possible without the untiring efforts of the volunteers and in many cases their spouses and families.

  • How about Rachna Lal (M.Arch. '03), who kept everyone informed through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter while making phone calls to make this event such a sell out. And her husband Pradeep Padala for making VMWare one of the career advancement partners
  • Ashutosh (B.E. '01) and her spouse Natasha Suvarna, whose magic with pictures is getting unveiled on Facebook now
  • Arvind (B.E. '85) and his high school freshman son Anubhav Srivastava, whose utiring efforts in operations and registration made it a great experience for the attendees.
These are but few shining examples of how this celebration became such a hit. Please go to the Team to see all the contributors.

Thanks to many individual and corporate contributors, whose support made this event possible.
  • Two batches, Batch of 1983 and Batch of 1988 grouped together to provide us funds at the eleventh hour, funds that were much needed for this event to come together in a professional manner.
This is just an example. Please go to Sponsors to see the list of our supporters.

Global Directory Initiative
IIT Roorkee's Dean of Alumni Affairs, Dr S P Gupta was an active participant and initiated a much needed infrastructure effort, Global Directory Initiative. This initiative will provide the much needed alumni information in a secure way to verified alumni. A team has been put together led by Dean Gupta and representatives from IIT Roorkee Alumni Association (Global at Roorkee), IIT Roorkee Alumni Association of North America and IIT Heritage Foundation, to get this launched on IITR Charter Day, Nov 25th 2012. Keep tuned for more on it.

IITR Entrepreneur Forum
An Entrepreneur Forum that consisted of many experienced Angel/Venture Capital investors, was launched at this event. As a first step to a longer-term engagement, the Forum hosted a Venture Pitchfest that was highly successful and generated a lot of excitement with nearly a dozen start-ups/prospects pitching their ideas for funding or networking or other needs. Keep tuned for more on it.

This was a great celebration of the Thomasonian spirit. Let us keep it going with many more of these for fun, personal and professional advancement.


Anoop Verma
On behalf of the Organizing Committee


PAN IIT Global Meet 2013 Houston

Message from Dr Roopa Gir
We are excited that the 2013 Pan IIT Global Conference is to be held in Houston in December 2013.  We  need volunteers for the various tasks and skill sets. So be an integral  part of the Pan IIT Global conference team.....BECOME A VOLUNTEER

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DONATE TO IIT Roorkee Heritage Fund

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Keynotes by
Amit Singhal (BE '89), Google Fellow - the man behind Google Search
Hersh Kumar (BE '78), Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Innovator
Prof Vipin Kumar (BE '77), Big Data & Climate Change Expert

Career Advancement & Recruitment Program

IIT R Entrepreneur Forum's Pitchfest

Message from IIT Bombay Heritage Fund

Under the Chase Community Giving program, Chase will be giving $5 Million to 196 charities ranked on the basis of votes received, ranging from $250,000 for the #1 rank to $10,000 to the last one-hundred runner’s-up. IITBHF is already in the top 100 ranked charities based on votes cast so far, and your vote can ensure that they win a share of the $5 Million.

Simply click on to vote, and if you are a Chase credit card holder, you can login on your online card portal to (legally!) vote twice. Please take a few seconds to vote and help support your fellow IITians and also build the IIT brand!