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Arjun Sen, President & Founder (ZenMango), PanIIT National Board

posted Sep 12, 2012, 6:19 PM by IITRAANA Admin   [ updated Sep 12, 2012, 6:19 PM ]
Arjun Sen serves as president and founder of ZenMango®, a Denver-based consulting firm working with restaurants, retail, charities, and other guest experience driven industries. Previously, Sen led a prestigious corporate career, holding senior executive positions in several Fortune 500 companies.

Arjun has 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, consumer research, strategic planning, and operations. His primary focus is to assist brands to understand their current equity in the mind of the consumer and build paths to enhance their guest experience and brand.

During Arjun’s corporate tenure, he served as VP of Marketing and Operations for Papa John’s International Worldwide. At Papa John’s, Arjun designed and implemented a guest-experience focused online ordering system, the first system of its kind. Since implementation, the pizza chain’s revenue from online ordering has increased by over 50% every year and recently completed over $1 billion in transactions.

Arjun Sen is currently authoring a Marperations™ book, a unique space where marketing and operations intersect to share a common passion for the customer, set to be released in January 2012. Arjun was privileged to fulfill a lifelong dream during his years of teaching Marketing and Research courses at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Arjun received his MBA from Brigham Young University and his Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.